Time for the girls to go home and for me to return to an empty apartment.

Seg dag idag, precis som en söndag ska vara.
Bella var höstig i sin morioutfit, Frida var stilren i skotterutigt och jag var slarvig och tappade bort min röda matchande blomma som jag hade satt i baskern. :/
Nu är det tomt i lägenheten. Tomt på soffan, en diskhög i köket och kaksmulor på golvet. Det är jag och teven igen.

Bella was perfectly autumnal in her mori style outfit. Frida went casual in tartan. I unfortunately lost the matching red flower I had put in my beret. :/
The apartment feels so empty. An empty couch, dirty dishes in the kitchen and cookie crumbs on the floor. It's just me and the TV again.


  1. I know how you feel. It's always fun to be out hanging with friends but when I come home my apartment is so small and empty. I usually put on a DVD with Eddie Izzard or something just to have someone talking nonsense in the background.

  2. I know, right? I always keep the TV on just to avoid total silence.