Wardrobe post 2021: the old school

As you will notice I am very generous in my interpretation of old school: mixing new and old releases, mixing materials, but still keeping it pretty monotone and pretty much the same silhouettes. My interpretation of old school is a romantic nostalgic interpretation, a mix of actual items I used to have from when I started in lolita (2001!) and something that looks like or the actual items I wish I had.

And so I present to you select items from my old school corner of my lolita wardrobe. ❤

Scans: Metamorphose Temps de Fille newsletter Princess Room


Volume 21, 2007

Scans: Metamorphose Temps de Fille Vintage Poodle series promotion flyer 2007



Wardrobe post 2021: my brand novelties

Wardrobe season is here! I have photographed my whole wardrobe except for accessories mainly because I have started cataloging what I own in the app Smart Closet. I'm hoping that will help me with avoiding too similar purchases by giving me a better overview. And also to avoid me thinking "do I already have these socks in this colorway or not?"

In this first part I would like to present my small but cherished brand novelty collection.