Lolita New Years resolutions - looking back at 2023 and going in to 2024

Last year I made some resolutions for the new year and I set them at an attainable level. There is no need to be extreme, that would only make me demotivated to reach them.


Last year's resolutions:

  • Buy nothing new that needs to be altered until everything that is in line for altering is done ✅ - I noticed that the pile at my seamstress just kept growing and I lost track of what I had "in my wardrobe". I fulfilled this resolution some time after summer and I actually haven't added anything new to it since.
  • Contribute to Lolibrary ✅ - I started sporadically in 2022 and I really upped my activity in 2023. I submitted around 20 images of missing colorways and corrections of information and I had 8 fully new entries published. I also started on a Swedish translation of Lolibrary (it still needs to be finished). The Lolibrary Discord members have been so helpful and very kind. Please consider contributing to Lolibrary if you see that you have something in your wardrobe that is missing from the listings.
  • Get summer sandals that work with lolita and don't hurt my feet ✅ - This was crucial for me. I am too old to wear uncomfortable shoes and I wear lolita on a daily basis. I found a pair from an Swedish ergonomic footwear brand called Cinnamon. Granted they are very discreet but they work good enough with my style.
  • Go to an international lolita event ✅ - At the beginning of the year I was out of a job so I was unsure if I would be able to go anywhere. But I secured a job and was accepted for vacation leave so I could go to Hellocon in Finland. 


2024 resolutions:

  • Document the amount that I buy items for - When I think about how much money I spend on my items I get scared. Partly because I don't know exactly what I spend. I could do a rough estimate but going forward I would like to feel more secure and hopefully as a following result also not feel scared. I want to be mindful of my resources, which I already am in all other aspects of my finances, so it is high time that I take this next step in being fully financially confident.
  • Get a sewing machine for minor fixes - Even though I enjoy mending items by hand, some mending that I do would be faster and easier with a sewing machine.
  • Go to a Swedish event that is not in Sweden's two biggest cities - It is natural that events happen in Stockholm and Gothenburg because that is where most people live. But there are other events in other parts of Sweden happening and I want to be a part of those too. 


 I am excited to go in to 2024 with new resolutions and I look forward to being successful.