Wardrobe post 2022: Bouquet Print series from Metamorphose

It's that time of the year again: wardrobe post time! For this years theme I decided on showing the several cuts I have of the Bouquet series from Metamorphose. This is the only series that I have several pieces from since it is such a nostalgic print for me. 

Bouquet Print series has been rereleased in several waves and I have had to doublecheck the dating of them because I have only had Lolibrary to go after. I do however have two cuts in the blue colorway and I did a comparison between the two.

Left: Bustle OP (2010), right: Ladder Lace JSK (2004)

Since the Ladder Lace JSK is the older cut of the two, I concluded that the Bustle OP is probably a newer release because of the color difference of the print. As you can see the older cut is a bit more greyish in tone. If someone has other information, please feel free to let me know! 


Ladder Lace Bouquet Print JSK with bow - 2004

This is a very underestimated cut. Highly versatile and easy to style with most other items. I wear this in more casual contexts as well as dress it up with accessories. According to Lolibrary there should be a bow, "large bow" even, with this JSK. I did not recieve a bow with this so I do not know if there is one missing or if there is a misunderstanding. I really do like the choice of a deeper blue sating ribbon for this dress.


Bouquet Print High Waist JSK - 2004

I highlighted this cut last year as well. There are all these details that are so lovely when you see them up close, like the ribbons and bows on the shoulders. It would have been the most comfortable cut but the slight drop shoulders honestly annoy me when I wear it. That's why I do not reach for it as much nowadays but I still cherish it.


Bouquet Print Corsage Headdress - 2004

When I recieved this headdress I was fascinated to find that it is actually padded! I believe this headdress is a prime example of Metamorphose from this era. It has everything you could ever want in a headdess (and life): roses, ribbon, pearls, you name it. Speaking of how to date the parts of this series - this release differs from the 2010 version by the lace on the edge. The loops on the lace are so dainty. 


Bouquet Print High Waist JSK with Cape - 2004

This is such a dear colorway and cut for me. It really embraces the Pink House roots of lolita fashion. Flowy and romantic, this dress is something I like to lounge around in at home. It is easy to style it up and down as well: no cape/no blouse, no cape/blouse, cape/no blouse, cape/blouse. All variants have their own flair. For lounging around I do the no cape/no blouse combination.


Bouquet Print High Waist JSK - 2008

I apologize for the stock photo but this dress is currently at my seamstress as I am writing this post. The 2008 release introduced the black colorway which is very striking in comparison to the earlier releases. This is my second time owning this dress in the exact same cut. The difference this time is that I now have only the matching headbow and not the matching bonnet. I do miss the bonnet and I hope I get a hold of it sometime in the future, both for this release and my other releases. 


Bouquet Print Ribbon Headdress - 2008

Ah, the propeller headbows, how I appreciate them. Metamorphose really liked to style these headbows puffed up since they have wires in them to position as you please. The silhouette reminded of propellers so people wearing them in that style were lovingly called propeller heads. As you can see I have flattened mine to be a bit more discreet. 


Bouquet Print Bustle OP - 2010

This OP is missing the satin ribbon for the waist but is otherwise in great condition. It is a really lovely piece with lots of details that you appreciate when you see them up close. For example the pleats in the bodice just resonate with me. I also like that the whites in the lace do not match exactly, this manic obsession with exact color shade matching is a modern invention.


Bouquet Print Frill Ribbon JSK - 2010

Unfortunately one of the previous owners removed the cameo buttons that originally was on the bodice and on the bows. I have been meaning to replace them but I have had a hard time deciding on buttons that I like. The green colorway as well as the cut feels very opulent. This dress is really a child of it's time when the cuts and colors started to branch out a bit more. True to the brand all bows are removable but I decided to place them like this to maximize the Antoinette vibe.


Thank you for reading this year's wardrobe post. I still miss a lot of the matching accessories in this series so the hunt continues for them. I would also love any piece from pre-2004 but that is a dream that will most probably never come true because it is so rare. Either way I am very happy with my little collection so far, I truly have a cut for every occasion.