Wardrobe post 2021: my brand novelties

Wardrobe season is here! I have photographed my whole wardrobe except for accessories mainly because I have started cataloging what I own in the app Smart Closet. I'm hoping that will help me with avoiding too similar purchases by giving me a better overview. And also to avoid me thinking "do I already have these socks in this colorway or not?"

In this first part I would like to present my small but cherished brand novelty collection.


Moi meme Moitie plastic file
I recieved this in a goodie bag at the Eternal Twilight event in Finland 2018. This was the first appearance that Moitie did in Europe. I use this to store, among others, the postcards and flyers seen in this post. It is interesting that this file is actually meant to be used from left to right, unlike the following file, which is...

Victorian Maiden 20th Anniversary plastic file
This file was part of the Victorian Maiden 20th Anniversary release. You can see the rest of the items that I got in this post. This file is as I mentioned earlier from right to left and I use it to store the other paper items from the anniversary release.

Moi meme Moitie pocket mirror
To be honest I can not remember if I got this in a goodie bag or with an order. It slides open which makes it easy to use with only one hand. I don't think that was the intention but it is very practical nevertheless.

Moi meme Moitie paper napkin/blotting paper case
I recieved this along with an OP I bought on Fril. There are still paper napkins inside. I haven't used this because I recieved it pre-corona but I have a feeling it will become very useful in the near future.

Moi meme Moitie fan
I have a bad habit of losing all fans that I have ever touched. It is actually a miracle that I have held on to this for 2 years. This is not the best fan, the material is light and therefore the puff of air is as delicate as the print is. It's a cool looking fan but meh.

Innocent World make up bag
This is one of my oldest items in my wardrobe. As you can see it has been well used and has some water stains because of all the times I have cleaned it. I absolutely adore the combination of wine and dusty pink and I am always soft for an Alice in Wonderland theme. The bag itself is small to medium, it is too short to hold make up brushes but is great to hold smaller articles like travel sized schampoo.

Metamorphose temps de fille charm
This font on the logo is one of my biggest crushes in Metamorphose history. The ribbon however irritates me because it always undoes itself. But I do not have the heart to sew it in to place either so I will live with readjusting and retieing the bow over and over again when I use it. Everything on this charm is detachable; ribbon, heart charm and pearl chain. This is typical for this era of Metamorphose, the neverending detachable options for wide customization.

Angelic Pretty charm
This was a birthday gift from one of my best friends. It is apparently a Paris exclusive charm. My friend knows what I like. 💜

Metamorphose temps de fille key case
I bought this from another lolita in Sweden, I feel so lucky! The keys are to be hanged on the inside fastened with hooks. I have had to adjust the hooks a bit after having used it for a couple of years to prevent the keys from falling off because the hooks decided to just open themselves up. After regular everyday use I also find it annoying that the keys sometimes slip outside of the case. How? I have no idea.

Imai Kira Alice bottle charm
I have no other commentary than I think this charm is ADORABLE. I usually hang this on my bag and the print is still intact after a few years use.

Moi meme Moitie pass case
I like the practicality of this case, having my public transit card and keycard to my office at a handy distance. But I haven't used this since after the corona regulations in March so now it just collects dust. I hope to use it again and soon.

Innocent World velvety hanger
This was a freebie with a purchase directly from Innocent World. I alternate what I hang on it. Right now I have one of my favorite blouses on it to hang visibly outside of my wardrobe so I can always admire the blouse.

Victorian Maiden 20th Anniversary coffin cases
These are another part of the 20th Anniversary release. In the same release were these, two sizes of Victorian Maiden's infamous coffins and a Mitsukaza Mihara collaboration OP. The OP didn't come in my size and I did not want to consider shipping coffin cases from Japan to Sweden so I settled for the these coffin cases. They came with stickers so that you can customize your cases in any way you wish. I like that they are quite simple so I still have the stickers on their sheets. I use these to store my pins, my earrings and my hairpins.

Victorian Maiden 20th Anniversary postcards
The left postcard is the Mitsukazu Mihara artwork collaboration, which also came in poster size. I have the poster framed and hung in my bedroom (no picture of it here because it felt excessive). The right postcard is the promotion photo for the full body coffin and the OP from the same release. I usually prefer to frame these postcards but I just have no space left on my walls and the left postcard is already up as I mentioned.

Imai Kira flyers and postcard
These are old flyers and prints from Imai Kira that I found through another Swedish lolita. Yellow is one of my least favorite colors but the color scheme of these were just too irresistable. Compared with the newer Imai Kira charm further up in this post, these motifs have a feeling of melancholy and dystopia in them. That's the kind of aesthetic I still am drawn to.


  1. Your novelties are so beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoy it.

  2. I always find these type of products very interesting 🖤 The last Imai Kira postcards are maybe some of my favourite illustrations from her ever!

    1. Same here, I appreciate her art but much prefer her older works.