A lifestyle or back to old gender stereotypes?

Under helgen har jag roat mig med att läsa igenom samtliga inlägg i lifestyle_lolis på Livejournal. Jag tycker om de kreativa och historierelaterade diskussionerna men de flesta inläggen handlar ändå om bakning, sömnad och heminredning. Det känns inte som en livsstil - det känns som en återupplivning av förlegade könsroller.

Är det för att folk tror att en lolita ska vara intresserad av bakning, sömnad och heminredning som de postar om just bakning, sömnad och heminredning?
Är det viktigare för en person som inte har möjlighet att klä sig lolita varje dag att styra alla sina vardagsaktiviteter så att de blir mer lolita?

During the weekend I read all entries of lifestyle_lolis on Livejournal. While I enjoy the creative and history related topics most of the discussion is about baking, sewing and home decor. For me that does not feel like a lifestyle - it feels like a revival of old gender stereotypes.

Is it because people think a lolita should be interested in baking, sewing and home decor, hence all the posts about baking, sewing and home decor?
Is it more important for a person who does not have the possibility to dress lolita every day to strive to make all their everyday activities as lolita as possible?

Image scanned from Gothic & Lolita Bible vol 34, scanned by guillaumes2@LJ


  1. I agree, I often lurk lifestyle_lolis because I like looking at pictures of crafts and tea pots and stuff, I just can't help cringing at how much Lolita seems to mean 50's Sitcom Mom to some people.

  2. I feel as though there is a limit on the topics they post in lifestyle_lolis, but I cannot really think of anything else to post myself. There is more to the lifestlye than cooking, tea pots and sewing but.... what? What do you think they should talk about instead?

  3. Caro-chan: I lol'd for real when I read Sitcom Mom. It's hilarious and sad at the same time.

    Raven Lace: Well, how about life itself? Is cooking and sewing all that lolitas are supposed to do? I look to myself; I don't enjoy cooking, I am not interested in sewing and I love my coffee. It feels like there is this romantic bubble in which everyday life is painted as being fabulous for just doing the simplest things. I would go insane if I had to do all those housewifey stuff. Then again I am very independent as a person. I wouldn't call myself a lifestyle lolita other than the aspect that I dress the style and it is my ordinary, everyday clothing and I don't need to assure myself in every little thing I do that I am lolita. As I mentioned, I highly enjoy reading the historical references like the ones about etiquette and victoriana fashion. I would love to have a discussion (like this one!) on what it is that makes people want to cuddle themselves into the definition and need of a lifestyle suitable to their appearance. As if their current lifestyle was not good enough or proper enough.

  4. I guess the explanation is that they only count as lolita lifestyle that which differs from normal everyday lifestyle - but it's sort of annoying nevertheless. There should be room for other things besides sewing, baking and homemaking (even though I'm in the camp that wants to find beauty in everyday necessary chores as much as possible. One has to do them about everyday and there's no escape from them so it's better if they are somehow enjoyable. But I still havent' found the right mental angle to enjoy vacuuming aesthetically).

    So far there is not enough content in lolita to support a complete lifestyle. If one only lives lolita things, then life is somewhat stunted and missing a lot.

  5. oh and of course I don't live any sort of lolita lifestyle at all. My lifestyle is some sort of countryside romantic artschool drop-out even though I live in the city and have graduated.

  6. Oh, don't even mention cleaning. I hate every single second I have to endure while cleaning but I need to clean and noone else does it for me. I would also agree on life feeling like a stunt if eating cake, drinking tea and knitting is all there is to it. Although I love cookies. Cookies are good. And yummy. Mmm, cookies.

  7. oh and of course I don't live any sort of lolita lifestyle at all. My lifestyle is some sort of countryside romantic artschool drop-out even though I live in the city and have graduated.