Outfit of the day.

Vissa dagar passerar utan att ha något innehåll. Känns det som. Idag är en sådan dag. Typ.
På tal om ingenting så börjar jag få långt hår. Det skulle sitta fint med 1½ decimeter hår till.

Blus: Metamorphose
Bustier: Emily Temple Cute
Kjol: R-Series
Strumpbyxor: H&M
Skor: Alice and the Pirates/Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Accessoarer: H&M, Glitter, Paris Kids

Today's outfit. Some days just pass by with what feels like unrelevant content. Like today. Speaking of nothing my hair is getting long. It would be nice with another 15 centimeters.


  1. Incredible outfit. I love that skirt! I have a vintage skirt that is very similarly styled. I had to do a double take to see if it was a brand piece or, if like mine, it was found in an antique store!

  2. Thank you! R-Series is a Chinese brand. I wish I could find something this gorgeous in a vintage store. I mostly find jewelry and accessories when vintage hunting.

  3. Oh GUD vad vacker outfit!