Hej å hå!!!

Kunde inte somna i natt. Det resulterade i att jag vaknade mycket senare än jag hade önskat så tiden är knapp. Nu fika med fröken Van Asch, sedan förberedelser för loppisen, ikväll blir det middag på Fridays.

Mobile upload: Please excuse the late translation - this is what happens when I am on the go and blogging from my cellphone. Just so you know in the future. ^^
I had a hard time falling asleep, I woke up way too late and almost flew out the door to have enough time for the stuff I had to do. Preparations for flea market and what not. ARGH!!!


  1. miss maria, the english, the english! (I am nipping any swedish-only tendencies in the bud asap ;) Your fringe looks really good here. My fringe, on the other hand, is blinding me, I need a trim!

  2. Gah, the translation is late because of me blogging from my cellphone. :P Thanks, my fringe is always a hassle. But it looked good today indeed! I trimmed it just the other day.