14 augusti 2009


Klänning, hårrosett: Dear Celine
Blus: Wasteland Retro Clothing
Strumpor: H&M
Skor: Secret Shop
Accessoarer: The Mymbles Daughter
Väska: Lést Rose

Thailändsk kycklinggryta i röd curry
med bambuskott, minimajs och vattenkastanjer
Friterade vårrullar

Today's outfit. Today's lunch was chicken red curry and spring rolls.

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    well, the pyramids are actually much bigger than imagined to me! lol, I have yet to post pictures of them up close...I'm going to see them soon hopefully :D

    how have you been?


  2. Thank you! Oh really? I would love to see more pics of them, they have always fascinated me. Them and Stonehenge and the giant statues of the Easter Islands.
    I've been good, but mostly working.


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