Brand vs offbrand, vecka 41

Marguerite lace gros-grain head bow
3360 yen
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Satin covered bow headband
4.80 dollar

Brand vs offbrand, week 41.


  1. I love the laces Baby uses - but I've never owned one of their headbows. Actually, I am yet to own a brand headbow, all of mine so far are handmade or bought from high street stores.

    Am I missing out on much? Brand headbows always seem so costly to me =\ Yet I'm willing to fork out for brand socks.

  2. Brand bows use higher quality materials that often match other garments in their product range. That's the only difference I see in brand vs offbrand bows. I am probably the wrong person to ask though since I prefer artistic and intelligent freedom when matching items rather than being impeccably perfect. To each their own.

  3. I have a thing for that satin bow. A pitty we don't have F21 here.

  4. They ship internationally. ;)

  5. Jag ska måste nog säga att BABY's var finare! ^w^
    GIllade verkligen broderiet/spetsen ^_____^

  6. Mm, I think I agree with you to some extent. I also like to make my own hair accessories just because it's fun and I lose patience making larger garments...D: