My problems and dilemmas with lolita fashion in the early 00's

  • Trying to search for lolita fashion brands online - nothing lolita fashion related in the search results.
  • Making a mental image of "true lolita style" from flipping through FRUiTS.
  • Learning how to sew to be able to wear lolita fashion.
  • Sewing skills not high enough to make even a decent skirt.
  • But at least the skirt had one row of frill at the bottom.
  • And at least the skirt was knee length.
  • Headdresses were easy to sew though. 
  • Wear my headdresses all the time to everything because I made it myself.  
  • "I'll just sew lace on top of my knee high socks, how hard can it be?" 

  • "Why buy from the Japanese brands when it is so much cheaper to make it yourself?" - all board members on Black Lolita mailing list ever.
  • The high currency value of the yen.
  • Super jealous of the lolitas living in Japan who just bought the whole nurse set from Metamorphose and showed outfit posts on EGL at LiveJournal.
  • Super dizzy from thinking of the costs of the whole nurse set from Metamorphose. 
  • Thinking of how hard it would be to sew a nurse set for myself.
  • Not sewing a nurse set because PVC fabric broke my sewing machine.  

  • Overjoyed with the first volume of Gothic & Lolita Bible (GLB).
  • Reading GLB = looking at pictures in GLB.
  • Looking at pictures in GLB: "Is this true lolita style?"
  • Home decor tips in GLB: "Is this true lolita decor?"
  • Finished reading GLB - "Now I am well-versed in true lolita fashion!"
  • Why does this crappy thing that is supposed to be a dress that I made from the patterns in GLB not look like the dress pictured in GLB?
  • Discovering lolita fashion brands homepages in GLB.
  • Visiting lolita fashion brands homepages only to discover that there are no possibilites to order online.
  • Emailing in English to Japanese lolita brands, hoping for an answer on how to order from overseas.
  • Indie designer Kazuko Ogawa accepted orders from overseas and even offered to make items after measurements.
  • Metamorphose would look into accepting orders from overseas and was happy to keep communicating in English.
  • Baby the Stars Shine Bright would not accept orders from overseas.
  • All other brands emailed to did not reply.

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