Welcome to the archive.

I decided on opening the old lolita related entries in this blog because the interest in old school lolita fashion has grown a lot. This blog is a great timeline of not only my personal lolita fashion development but lolita fashion culture as a whole as it was back then and in Sweden.

After 2010 I started blogging on my own domain which meant that somewhere on all my old harddrives there is an archive of entries and photographs from my blog Paperlace.se (now defunct). If I find them I will upload them here as well.

Paperlace.se shut down after a few years more since I moved to tumblr: https://bellicosefrill.tumblr.com/

I have been wanting to start blogging regularly but to be honest I don't prioritize time enough to do it nowadays. Maybe some other day, some other time?

Until then, I hope you enjoy your stay.

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  1. I think I'll have a look sometimes then! I used to browse old blogs a lot a few years ago as lolita divorced more and more of the original mood it came with. So many of these spaces closed down, third parties included so we ended up with many broken links and images in those which remained, it's unusual to see someone doing the opposite process. Thanks.