02 augusti 2009

Utmanad - 6.

1. Ok, enter your pictures folder and choose picture number 6 and tell the readers about it

This is a Joker-reference to a Mighty Boosh sketch. I found it on Batman_Lulz.

2. Write down 6 things you love

1. Food.
2. Shoes.
3. Clothes.
4. Vampire Lounge's ice cream drinks.
5. Sleep.
6. Late summer nights.

3. Write down 6 bad habits

1. Correct people's spelling. I've learned to control myself though.
2. Eating dinner too late or none at all. I'm just so uninspired from living by myself.
3. I don't put stuff back to their original places which leaves my apartment constantly cluttered.
4. Recycle too seldom. I put everything in neat little piles. Suddenly they are not-so-neat huge piles.
5. Drift off to nothingness in my thoughts, leaving work undone.
6. Snooze too long.

4. Write down 6 dreams you have

1. No pain.
2. No angst.
3. No worries.
4. Travel across the seven seas and live to tell about it all.
5. See the day they have invented the teleporter.
6. Die happy and content.

5. Write down 6 different jobs you’d like to have

1. The one I currently have, web editor at a fantastic company with fantastic work mates.
2. Architect so I could build a castle with Transylvanian exterior and modern facilities interior.
3. Product designer for VAIO or Sony Ericsson. They need some spice.
4. Artist, preferrably watercolours or oil.
5. Owner of a small and quirky boutique with small and quirky items for sale.
6. Superheroine!

6. Write down 6 blogs that deserves some praise and love.

That means - tag, you're it!

1. http://bookofmiri.blogg.se/
2. http://sushisael.blogspot.com/
3. http://okage-loves-you.blogspot.com/
4. http://quartervoid.blogspot.com/
5. http://sofipersson.blogspot.com/
6. http://tombolasjukan.wordpress.com/

I was tagged by Frida and this time I did the meme all in English. ;)

9 kommentarer:

  1. haha, i love that picture!!

    and I love your six dreams!! By the way, you have fantstic style dear :) i love lolita, I think my favorite is Punk-loli...and Goth-loli :) :)

    how have you been?


  2. Thanks, I've been good. Trying to calm down a bit from the flea market adventure and all that. :)

  3. yay vad kul att bli utmanad! det ska jag ta tag i imorgon.

  4. Men älskling, du är min superheroine redan. ^_^

  5. "4. Recycle too seldom. I put everything in neat little piles. Suddenly they are not-so-neat huge piles."

    HAHA, I do the same!

  6. Vi kan starta klubb, Frida. ;D

  7. Vi kan starta klubb, Frida. ;D


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