09 mars 2007

Jag log.

James Murphy i LCD Soundsystem skriver om sig själv på sin MySpace-sida, på det där lilla speciella sättet som är så svårt att förklara och ännu svårare att efterapa. Varsågod.

"i am married to a woman who is way too good-looking and decent to marry me, but due to a long period of hypnosis, low-level drugging and sleep deprivation, eventually capitulated. we have a dog that is similarly too good for me. seriously. the dog is hot. the dog is basically a model. well, more of a pageant girl--but you know what i mean. she could be a model, but she's pretty backward and country about fashion... she's into prom dresses and, like, overdone base makeup and fake nails. but she lives in new york now, and she's changing a little over time, which i think is liberating for her--the dog, i mean--but i hope she doesn't change too much and do that annoying new-york-girl thing where they all try to be edie sedgewick or something--"ooh look at me! i'm crazy! i can't be contained!" it's an act played by people who don't know anyone who's actually schizophrenic. knowing real crazy people takes some of the "glamour" out of it for you, you know? like: what's glamorous about soiling yourself? oh crap. am i supposed to be writing about me?"

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