27 oktober 2006

Meanwhile, back in Thailand.

Jag håller mig lagom uppdaterad om vad som händer i Thailand, främst Bangkok, via en sida som heter Bangkok Recorder. Tänk er typ Aftonbladet-stuk på nyheterna, väldigt underhållande och lättläst.

Man blir ju lite kinkig om man måste gå och hålla sig:

» New airport to provide 'convenient relief' (25.10.2006)

Authorities are to triple the number of toilets at Bangkok's newly opened international airport following a deluge of complaints. Suvarnabhumi International Airport currently only has some 100 toilets for the more than 100,000 daily passengers.

"We are aware of this burden on the passengers and I have ordered a quick resolution to this problem by ordering the building of 200 more toilets. The project has already begun," said the head of the Airports Authority of Thailand Chotisak Asapaviriya.

"I guarantee that by then passengers and visitors to the airport will find convenient relief," Chotisak said.

Strippors kroppar kan också gå sönder:
» From go-go to ballroom (24.10.2006)

Go-go girls in Patpong will soon be learning classical dance in an effort to prevent strains and injuries from pole-dancing. A women's rights group, Empower Foundation, has arranged courses in ballroom and jazz dance steps next month for Patpong go-go girls, with 30 ladies already signed up.

According to Empower director Chantawipa Apisuk, instruction in proper dance steps will minimize the risks of sprains and other gyration-induced injuries that are a common complaint among the district's 5,000 go-go girls.

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